The Concept


Fluency: the ability to express oneself without much conscious effort.

In foreign language learning, the leap to fluency – and the personal freedom and empowerment this gives – depends on the building of extensive new ‘brain circuitry’ that allows a learner to hold their new language in a complex web of neural connections.

As any language instructor will have observed, practice, practice and more practice is key to building that neural web.

So how can our educators, instructors and coaches help learners get more practice ?

The short answer: Vozes.

With Vozes, language instructors have an opportunity to engage learners in collaborative and fun language learning activities – that are directly related to course lessons – in between scheduled classroom hours, at a time that suits them.

For learners, more intensive practice leads to improved, faster absorption of course learning material (and added brain mass!).

The result is learners … with voices. 





Simple, chat based language learning


All Vozes features are built around the exchange of text chat messages – a now familiar way of interacting with others online.

Vozes goes a step further, creating a responsive and engaging social context for intentional learning.

Communicating in a new language with fellow learners via text messaging requires learners reflect on – and recall – vocabulary, grammar and language constructs.

And with Vozes, there’s no more enforced solitary language learning, as audio/video files and readings become a focal point for interaction between scheduled lessons.

Is there anything instructors love more than engaged learners?


Vocabulary aquisition

Introducing: Christina! (Last name: Chatbot)

The unique approach to vocabulary acquisition in Vozes completely transforms vocabulary learning.

What is often seen as a cumbersome and generic aspect of the language learning journey has become intuitive, simple, and fun, thanks to the introduction of a personal ‘chatbot’ mentor – Christina.

Instructors add vocabulary words, definitions, translations and bespoke example sentences to Christina’s database – a great way to personalize the learning experience.

Meanwhile, learners interact with Christina in the usual text-based conversational manner, with many benefits:

  • Vozes has a text-to-speech functionality, which assists with pronunciation practice;
  • multiple types of vocabulary drills are offered, ensuring a variety of in-depth word usages;
  • Christina keeps track of which vocabulary words have been learned – and which need more work;

Vocabulary building reinvented.
Thanks, Christina!

Media Section

Time spent listening to – or observing – a language in action boosts language comprehension immeasurably. That’s why at Vozes we believe Audio and Video media are critical to achieving mastery.

In most learning environments today, media usage is restricted to the classroom or language lab.

Our opinion? The world has moved on. Providing an audio recording once or twice in class or on a cumbersome DVD does not cut it in the age of the Internet.

So how do we get multimedia lesson files into the hands of learners so they can be used again and again?

With Vozes, instructors can distribute Audio and Video files for access on the web via desktop, smartphones and tablets. Now learners can use the files whenever and wherever is most convenient.

And that’s Mission Accomplished! Learners on the road to mastery.

Conclusion and further info

Have you ever tried to grade a stack of reports using a piece of chalk ? Not likely, because the tool is ill-matched to the task!

It’s the same for foreign language instruction. If an instructor attempts to use a learning management system that’s NOT specifically designed for foreign language learning, the result will be substandard.

Lucky for you, we’ve built Vozes for one audience and one audience only: Foreign language instructors. 

Language proficiency level and target learner groups can vary : Vozes will improve on learning in such divers settings as Universities, High Schools and Language Schools.

And you can rest assured that our goals are the same as yours:

To give voices to those struggling to express themselves in a foreign tongue.

Further info

To learn more about the specifics of Vozes, you can go to our Features page.

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To read news about Vozes or keep up with new features that have been added lately, you can head over to the Blog page.