Vozes room

For learners and instructors alike, Vozes is very simple. The application consists of 5 “rooms” that each look and function in basically the same way and each dedicated to one particular aspect of language learning.​

  • Chat Room : For writing and discussing.​
  • Content Room: For access to course audio and reading material.
  • Task Room : For non-graded comprehension exercises.
  • Vocabulary Room : For vocabulary drills
  • Assignments Room : For submission of graded exercises and reports
Vozes is simple. With one sole focus : Language learning.

Chat room

The Chat Room allows everyone in the course to exchange text messages at any time of day.
Messages can be sent and received in many forms: plain text, text with files, text with images, text with discussion topics and comments.
The Chat Room has a built in vocabulary aids, which allows learners to access course vocabulary as they write their posts.

Grappling with lesson material between scheduled classroom hours builds skills and increases motivation.

Task room

The Task Room is where students complete non-graded exercises related to the learning material.
Tasks support multiple choice and free text questions. Multiple choice questions are auto graded. Instructors can choose to include pictures or files.
Tasks can be associated with a media file from the Content Room. This way each learner’s listening comprehension can be ascertained.
Free text answers can be published by the instructor after completion of the exercise so that students gain additional perspectives on a topic.

Add more learning tasks. Create engagement by letting students share thoughts and opinions.

Vocabulary room

The Vocabulary Room enables a structured approach to vocabulary learning, and because it’s in conversation with Christina, it’s never tedious.

Learners are able to:

  • listen to word pronunciations
  • see dictionary definitions and translations
  • memorize words by writing
  • review words with Flash cards
  • practice using words in sentences
  • see example sentences
  • attain a completion score for each word

Vozes vocabulary acquisition is both systematic AND engaging.

Content room

In the Content Room, instructors mix audio, video and text posts to create a rich and immersive media experience. Media posts can be interwoven with text messaging between students and instructors so as to illuminate and deepen understanding.
Each media post can be linked to one or more Tasks.
Media files are accessible on web, tablets and mobile phones.

Vozes puts audio and video in the pockets of the learners – the result is more time spent interacting with the new language.